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Prince of Wales Road Surgery
87-89 Prince of Wales Road
Kentish Town
Tel: 020 7284 3888
Fax: 020 7267 6067

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Dr Philip Matthewman
MB Ch.B Bristol 1979, FRCS 1984, FP Cert

Amy & Anna

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Please note, we now offer extended hours on Wednesday evening, till 7:00 p.m.



Our Reception Our Reception

There have been NHS Surgeries at 87/89 Prince of Wales Road since 1975, when several small practices came together to work under one roof.

Dr Matthewman joined the Practice in 1990, and has worked here ever since. He was born and brought up in London, and qualified in Medicine at Bristol University in 1979.

His main interest is in General Practice, and he has had hospital experience in Maternity, Casualty and Paediatrics. He has a Certificate in Family Planning.

Dr Matthewman is also a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons and has held hospital posts in General and Urological Surgery, and most recently in Breast Surgery at the Royal Free Hospital (2003-2007).

The Practice has recently undergone some redecoration and refurbishment (2015) , and has been host to a Digital Art Exhibition since re-opening; further exhibitions are planned.


Area - now includes Kentish Town, and Camden Town, as well as Dartmouth Park and Tufnell Park.The list is open to all those within this area, including the homeless, the infirm elderly, and those needing help with drug and alcohol addiction. Click here for a map showing the Surgery location.

If you move out of the area, please inform the Practice. We can then advise you whether or not you will need to re-register elsewhere. If it is still in or near our Practice area, then you may be able to stay on the list. The Practice can sometimes be flexible about the practice boundaries, especially where known patients move to just outside it. We are also receptive to the idea of patients registering with us who live well away, but who work in the area. Such patients can sometimes find it more convenient to see a doctor close to their work. However, if you move without telling us your new address, the local Health Authority is quite likely to remove your name from our list and recall your notes, which can be very tedious administratively for us as well as you. Therefore, please keep us informed of your new address.


Our Facebook page (@drmatthewmansurgery) is becoming increasingly popular - If you have a Facebook account, please "like" us, then you will be able to participate in our Patient Participation Group. You can make comments and suggestions, as well as read comments from / engage with other patients of the practice. 

Our  table-tennis club has been running for over a year now, and takes place on the first Sunday of the month, from 4-6pm. Table Tennis can not only improve your hand-eye co-ordination, but is also thought to slow the onset of Dementia. Do come along , bats are provided. 


The CQC inspected this practice in August 2016.

The Matthewman Practice was rated GOOD IN ALL AREAS

The visiting team was particularly impressed with the ease of access, both in person and on the phone, with the quality of the facilities, and the general caring approach.

The CQC re-inspected March 2018, and rated this practice GOOD in that it was SAFE, CARING, AND RESPONSIVE.

The CQC re-inspected again in August 2018, and rated it GOOD in that it was CARING and RESPONSIVE.

They felt they were unable to repeat the good rating in the categories "Effective", "Safe", and "Well-led" largely due to matters of administration , and have given the Practice an Inadequate rating.

However , The Matthewman practice has already remedied most of the issues highlighted by the CQC report and is in the process of addressing the others.

The CQC was reassured that no patient came to any harm as a result of the areas it has asked the practice to improve on. This popular small practice continues to provide a full service to patients. This is the same practice that was rated “Good in all areas”, in August 2016 , and we look forward to sharing these administrative changes with the new inspection team, and hope to have our “Good”  rating restored in the near future.

A big thank-you to all those patients who took the trouble to give feedback to the assessors.

Please see report for details: https://www.cqc.org.uk/content/inspection-reports


You can just come along to the Morning Surgery; you do not need an appointment. However, you will need an appointment for Afternoon or Evening surgery. Please note we are now open later on Wednesday evenings.


We are very pleased to inform patients that Practice Nurse Charlotte is now available at the practice on Wednesday evenings from 5-7pm. Charlotte has worked for us previously, and we are delighted to welcome her back. Please make an appointment with Charlotte, for your Cervical Smear , contraception advice, travel advice, or other nursing matters.


We also have a time slot betweeen 11:30 a.m and 12 noon each weekday morning where patients can phone in and be put straight through to the doctor.

We advise all patients over the age of 75, to be seen at least annually for a check-up, at home if need be. Any patient aged between 16 and 74 not seen for the past 3 years may also request a health check.


Physiotherapy - (called the MSK service)
Tel - 0207-871 - 0545

Clinical psychology
Tel: 0203 317 6670
or email :cpts@candi.nhs.uk

Weight Reduction / Exercise classes -
Tel - 0207 - 974-3019
Email: camden.activehealth@nhs.net

Alcohol support and Advice Camden(iCAS)
Tel - 0203 227 4950

Smoking Cessation Camden
- Tel 0800 107 0401

Podiatry (small charge)
- Tel 0207 239 0400  or 0207 837 3777 

Extended Access GP Service - Saturday and Sunday 8 till 8, at the Caversham , and at Somerstown practices: Tel 0207 391 9979 for an appointment .  Also available on weekday evenings till 8pm.

Diabetes Prevention 
0333 577 3010
Tropical Diseases
Mortimer Market WC1E 6AU
9am – 4pm (for unwell returnees)
0207 388 9600
STD Checks
Mortimer Market WC1E 6AU    tel  0203 317 5100
Archway Clinic    681 Holloway Road N19 5SE tel  0203 317 5252



To register, proof of address and photo I.D. required, previous NHS card would be helpful. Waiting room, toilet and ground floor examination rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Dr Matthewman is usually able to see you for a consultation at the initial registration visit , if required. No appointment is needed for the morning surgery.


Just come along during opening hours bringing ID and Proof of your Address.

Please bring your previous medical card if you can find it - click here to see an example.

At the morning walk-in surgery, you can register and be seen at the same visit.

  • You can download a registration form from this website by clicking here.
    Don't forget to sign it at the bottom of the front page. Your previous address and previous GP details are useful to us for getting your old notes forwarded - so please don't overlook these sections.
  • Enclose a photocopy of your ID and Proof of Address.
  • Your previous medical card is also useful to us, but not essential.

You should receive a new medical card through the post from the Health Authority in around 6 weeks. Simple as that.

Generally, you can only have one NHS GP, but if you are staying away from home temporarily and don't wish to register permanently, you can still be seen as a temporary patient. (ID and Proof of Address not required).


Please address any complaints you may have to Dr Matthewman in the first instance.

We would be grateful if patients would kindly refrain from posting negative comments on social media, before giving the practice a chance to resolve any issues they might have over their medical care. Dr Matthewman is always open and willing to discuss any misunderstandings , or areas of disatisfaction patients might have .

Small print stuff:
The practice does not tolerate verbal abuse or violent behaviour, whether actual or threatened. Individuals concerned and their families are likely to be removed from the list. Patients rights and responsibilities are outlined in the Practice Charter available at the desk. The Practice keeps computer and paper records in your medical files and is registered under and governed by the rules of the Data Protection Act. You do, in most instances have the right of access to view your records and to take copies, though a small fee is charged. Personal data is only seen by professionals at the Practice involved in your care. Anonymised data may be sent to the Primary Care Trust for quality and monitoring purposes. Your medical records are likely to be put onto a National Database shortly. If you do not wish this to happen, please ask the receptionist or doctor to enter the code "93C3" in your computer records.
Mean Published Earnings

All GP Practices are required to declare mean earnings (ie average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services. Mean Published Earnings for the year to June 2018, were £34,782.

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